Our scope of services includes the preparation of conceptual and photorealistic visualisations using CGI (computer-generated imagery). We create animations, virtual renderings and photorealistic visualisations.

To begin we discuss your wishes and provide you with a list of required documents which you must provide in order for us to carry out our services.

What if your project has already been created and you only need a visualisation? That’s no problem. We need your building’s plans, a list of materials, an image of the location where you want to place the building and any other relevant information. What follows is the building’s conceptual design; this step is shown in the upper right corner.

If you decide to create a photorealistic visualisation or an image of your building, we will create the visualisation defining its shape, the details, the building’s décor and the lighting. After the visualisation is created you tell us what you want to change. These changes are taken into account in the next preparation phase – addition of materials.